Graduate Leadership and Management Professiona (GLMP)

The Graduate Leadership and Management Professional program is a conference-based training on Leadership, Employability Skills, Job Readiness and Enterprise Development. The GLMP is a three-month intensive course with exams written in the third month. At the end of the program, each qualifying member is conferred the Graduate Professional Qualification in Leadership Management and Productivity Development, with the awardee thereafter referred to as the Graduate Leadership and Management Professional (GLMP), after IMLPD’s induction course..

The following are the GLMP training contents
1.   Leadership Beyond the Norm
2.   Enterprise Development (How to start, fund and run a successful business)
3.   Business Integrity and Organizational Culture (understanding personal and organizational brand)
4.   Business Communication (Understanding business language, the seven (7) C’s of writing effective Business letter, Application Letter, Memo Writing etc)
5.   Manpower and Talent Management (Also known as Human Resource Management – how to attend and pass an interview, forecasting, Succession planning, how to locate hidden jobs etc)
6.   Marketing Strategy and Forecast
7.   Corporate Management (The Art of Management)
8.   Business Research and Creativity and Enterprise Development

The IMLPD Graduate Leadership and Management Professional Examination is IMLPD’s basic membership qualification and professional certification in leadership, management and productivity for graduates or final year students of tertiary Institutions. It is a one-diet examination. 
The IMLPD’s Graduate Membership Qualification in Leadership and Management professional program is a three-month intensive course with exams written on the third month. Only two examination re-sits are allowed and for not more than four exam papers. Membership Qualification and Professional Certification shall be based on passes in not less than 50% of the listed courses above.
Note: No direct membership consideration for GLMP membership cadre. All GLMP’s are subjected to qualification examinations.

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