Executive Leadership and Management Professional (ELMP)

The Executive Leadership and Management Professional (ELMP) cadre is IMLPD executive program for corporate Executives, Directors, General Managers, Entrepreneurs, Management Consultants, and the likes—as well as qualified ALMPs with not less than five years work experience. It is IMLPD’s program primarily devoted to the art of execution and goal-getting through people!

The program is conference based and exam formats are in the form of term papers, communiqués and action-based projects. For direct corporate/group sponsored membership, program time is flexible. At the end of the program, each qualifying member is conferred the Executive Leadership and management Professional Qualification with awardees thereafter referred to as the Executive Leadership and Management Professional (ELMP), via IMLPD’s induction program.

The following are the ELMP training contents
▪ Systemic Leadership
▪ Leadership and the Art of Execution
▪ Leadership and Globalization
▪ Corporate Re-engineering
▪ Change Leadership and Management
▪ Systemic Safety
▪ Leadership and Integrity.

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