Fellow of Management Leadership and Productivity Development (FMLPD)

The Fellow of the Management Leadership and Productivity is IMLPD’s distinguished cadre and award which is open for qualified Mongols—Business Owners, Administrators, CEOs/MDs, Executive Directors, General Managers, Top government officials with special achievement / mentors and the likes with not less than ten (10) years of work experience as well as qualified ELMPs with not less than ten years work experience after being admitted to the grade of ELMP—in view of their contribution to national development and productivity.

Also, academicians who have contributed to the general body of knowledge; and have demonstrated leadership, management and productivity in academics—evidenced by their success via publications, research and career growth, as well as responsibilities in practice, and where applicable, by their contribution(s) made to the IMLPD.

Other consideration for award of fellowship are distinguished public servants who by their responsibility have distinguished themselves in leadership, management and contribution to national development. FMLPD is IMLPD’s highest membership grade primarily devoted to CELEBRATING Leadership, Management and Productivity Icons across all sectors. The FMLPD, therefore, is a conferment upon the recommendation or self-application.

The FMLPD is accompanied by the Leadership, Management, and Productivity Icon Awards, as deemed fit by the Board of Examiners and approved by the Board of Trustees’ of the IMLPD. 

The Following criterial constitute the basic criteria for being considered for an FMLPD conferment:
1. Candidate’s/Applicant’s Exceptional Leadership in any sector.
2. Candidate’s/Applicant’s Exceptional Business and career Success
3. Candidate’s/Applicant’s Exceptional contribution to the field of Management, Leadership and Global Productivity 
4. Candidate’s/Applicant’s Exceptional philanthropic gestures
5. Candidate’s/Applicant’s Exceptional contribution to the objectives of the IMLPD 
6. Candidate’s/Applicant’s Exceptional Global and National Recognition
7. Candidate’s/Applicant’s Exceptional success in career as a Executive Leadership and Management Professional (ELMP)
8. Candidate’s/Applicant’s prospects in the field of Leadership, Management and productivity Development. 
9. Candidate’s/Applicant’s recommendation by any member of the Board of Trustees or Board of Examiners—is subject to approval due to 1—8 above

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